Freedom of Music/Speech/Life: Propaganda Balagan

Egyptian Heavy Metal Fans Reject Accusations of Satan Worship, Collaboration with Zionism

Balagan is the word for “a hot mess” in Hebrew;  it thoroughly captures the vision i had upon watching this clip.

first, i’m reeling at the ignorance and i am slowly feeling sadness creep up through the numbness. this link is representative, to me, of the demon (i guess, pun is intended) wrecking havoc on the middle east and locking it in the state of conflict. the “ideas”…or mindless propaganda the “moderator”  is spewing…sadly, i have heard such thinking first-hand. it always leaves me speechless…but i know that is just my own naivete. i live in america, in NYC, no less…i surround myself with open-minded and like-minded people. so facing people like the speaker on this show is like an alarm in my face at 5 am…that gross feeling. but the one spark of hope: if you pay attention to the defense from the youth being interrogated — i mean, interviewed …they are so bright, so honest, so genuine. my heart reaches out to those that are struggling in this type of environment. they are certainly not alone.

i hear you and i respect you :)

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