The first recorded spotting of yours truly was in a hospital in the capital of the former Ottoman Empire (known as Turkey), Ankara. That was on an icy-rainy Friday morning 4 days before New Years 1986. I was born to two political science majors at the Middle East Technical Institute. My father is Iranian and my mother was born in Ankara, like me! As luck would have it, my parents came together primarily to have me, so their union in matrimony ended soon after my entry to this world, and off were my mother and I to NYC to see what it’s like to live on the edge…of everything. So with a few bumps, lots of miracles and tickle-till-you-can’t-breathe-games I grew up to be the quirky, moody but often humorous NYC princess that I am today. I claim to be worldly, due in part to my background, but due mostly to this persistent feeling of not fitting in in any one place and thus being perpetually interested in everywhere else.

My mother’s an astrologer, among about 63 other fields of expertise, and once when I was about 13 and eagerly asking her what I was “destined” to do she told me enigmatically that whatever I do it would have to do with women, helping women. Who knows what is in the stars, but if that is to be my duty this lifetime I believe I am honored and blessed with a truly noble duty!

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  1. Oya (also born in Ankara) says:

    Dear Shiva – It is a great pleasure to start following your blog. I hope you are happy and doing well – enjoying life as trying to ignore its bumps. Greetings from a very cold Ithaca. With love, Oya

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