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Hello, it’s such a pleasure to finally be here and to have the honor of your attention. This blog will be a place of exploration, at first for me, and for me it will always be that way. But my hope is that over time this will be a place for exploration for people who are also interested in the things that I have begun to explore.

At this point my aim with this blog and my interests are wide, which is a good thing…lots of food for thought. But here are some of the issues that move me and pushed me to seek a more expansive arena for my thoughts…

I want to learn more about women, women all over the world, their thoughts, their conditions, their convictions, their beliefs, their families, their hopes and dreams, both revealed and secret…the secrets which can be revealed and voiced here.

I want to find a way to connect to women in places where they may be disconnected from a global community. The objective is not to change a culture or a belief, the objective is to add to all of our collective understanding, to respect and build on what exists. If change will happen it can only happen from the inside-out.

I want this to be a place where questions can be asked and answered from life experiences, memories and answers that we hold in our hearts.

I want this to be a place to exchange ideas, and I want this to be a springboard from where we can be inspired to do little and big things to create a loving, healthy global community for women around the world. And this community is crucial, because after all, women nurture this planet, and if this planet has been lacking nurturance it is because the women haven’t been nurturing themselves enough. That will change :)

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